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Bed & Breakfast Marche

Bed & Breakfast in the Marches

Our B&B is set 1300 feet above the sea level on a windy hill, tucked away among the vineyards of the farm cultivated through biological processes.

The farmhouse has been restructuring through ancient methods, saving the farm architecture that dates back to the early 19th century. The external structure was created with stones and bricks. Bricks are handmade: they were recovered, cleaned and reassembled in the farm house. Instead stones are very beautiful, because they are really white, smooth and round.

In fact forefathers built the farmhouse with the material they found in the neighbourhood. The stones were collected from a close river called Tesino.

Bed & Breakfast nelle Marche
bed & breakfast nelle marche

Low ground hosts the dining room with 50-60 places. A wall is built with bricks and stones. In the other side of the room, an old oven was converted to a large fireplace, used in the wintertime.