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Holiday farm in Ascoli Piceno

Holiday farm in Ascoli Piceno

Oasi Biologica is immersed in the green hills around Ascoli Piceno, between Tesino river and Aso. Ascoli Piceno is a charming and at the same time a mysterious town. In fact, recent archaeological excavations gave brought to light some tombs of “Piceni” with some funeral furnishings. Some scientists consider these finds a demonstration of the existence of “Novana”, the roman town called “Numana” by Plinius the Old, in his Historia Naturalis. However its ruins have not been found yet.

La Pizza di ascoli piceno - Agriturismo as Ascoli Piceno Oasi Biologica

The main square of Ascoli Piceno - Agriturismo as Ascoli Piceno Oasi Biologica

La provincia di Ascoli - Agriturismo ad Ascoli

The province of Ascoli - Agriturismo ad Ascoli

Ascoli Piceno and its province

If you spend your holidays at Oasi Biologica you will bone up on a charming and suggestive land. Montedinove, the nearest village, has a very peculiar shape: it is circular and in the past it just had two entrances. Now “Porta Vittoria” is the only one that has hung over: it conduces to the town centre. The hamlet of San Tommaso hosts the sanctuary of Thomas Becket, the archbishop of Canterbury, built on the ruins of a small Benedictine chapel

District of Ascoli Piceno