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Holiday house in le Marche

Holiday house in le Marche

Oasi Biologica is fully tucked away among the green hills of the Marches, surrounded by the beauties of a very special land.
Spending an holiday in our wonderful country house means rediscover the flavours of the past, get in touch with the real essence of an easy and healthy life, taste the pleasure of the smells and flavours of the real things, maybe lost. To be guided into this “agriturismo marche” is a soft and at the same time distressing experience.

Campi di Morro d'alba - agriturismo marche

Fields of Morro d'alba

Riviera del Conero - Ancona - Agriturismo marche

Riviera del Conero - Ancona

Le Marche

It has been written, and much commented on, that the Marche — literally, historical “marches” or border regions — are the only Italian region to be plural. The quip works, of course, because there is some truth to it: the Marche have not just one clear identity, but several.

It is mostly an agricultural region and is surprisingly very green. The sharpest division any traveller will notice is between coast and mountain. The Adriatic shoreline, flat and somewhat dull except for the Conero massif, a small and very beautiful area where mountains dip into the sea just nearby Ancona, is a succession of sandy beaches dotted with relatively large towns, and heavily frequented by vacationers, almost all Italian.
The region’s backyard, though, is totally different: the mountainous forested beauty of the Apennines, horseback riding and Romanesque churches.
Between the two, fertile rolling farmland, and population centers strung along a series of parallel NE-flowing rivers.
Perversely, or holographically, the five provinces of the Marche do not follow these divisions, cutting across them instead, each thus having its coast, farmland, and mountains. The smallest, the province of Fermo, was mandated by the Italian Senate in 2004, and has just come into formal existence.

Monti Sibillini

Sibillini Mountains

Panorama arcevia - Le Marche

Panorama arcevia - Le Marche

Many tourists visit the Marches for its natural beauty and most of the spectacular inland mountain country remains unscathed by the worst excesses of the 20thC.
You’ll find some of the most impressive mountain scenery to the south of the region amidst the Monti Sibillini, whose peaks are often covered with snow until the late spring. The Sibillini National Park has many footpaths which are mostly signposted for the more adventurous and those who want to get nearer to nature. There are also many routes among the mountains for cycling and mountain biking. The Park offers many other activities such as horse riding, climbing and skiing

The Frasassi caves are some of the most spectacular limestone caves you are every likely to visit.

Limestone again is the leading player at the Furlo Gorge, a dramatic natural pass through the mountains that has been in use since prehistoric times.

Most of Italy’s Adriatic coastline is stubbornly flat. Monte Conero, just south of Ancona, is a rare exception – a high limestone mountain that plunges into the sea and guards a handful of delightful little bathing resorts.